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Maggy Howarth works to commission and makes her own original designs: usually exclusive for each particular site. She tries to co-ordinate the mosaics with the colour & materials of the associated architecture, and to reflect local themes & motifs.

A site visit is usually necessary to gather this information, and also to discuss in detail the client’s wishes & ideas. Hand-drawn designs are then prepared, which give an accurate impression of the intended mosaic, showing the colours & describing the materials to be used. The typical design process for a large mosaic might involve a site visit & discussions, followed by the presentation of a choice of design ideas, more consultation with the client, followed by the production of a final design.

Requests for small mosaics are equally welcome, & designs can often be completed in one stage, omitting the site visit when good information & photographs are available. To minimise costs, you may like to consider one of Maggy’s designs for small mosaics, which are available immediately. See the “Ready Mades” page.

Fabricating the mosaics is very time-consuming & laborious. We endlessly select & search for the right pebbles to realise a design, whatever the time & cost involved. Hand-carved stone details & ceramic bas-relief images are often incorporated, giving an extra dimension to the detailing & interest of the designs.
When inscriptions are required, these can be cast into the mosaics

In all cases, either Maggy Howarth or Mark Currie from Cobblestone Designs will supervise the mosaic installation continuously, using local labour already on site. We then complete the job personally by grouting the joints between the slabs of mosaic.
The time taken varies from 1 day (for a 3-metre mosaic) to 5 days (6 -metre mosaic)

The cost of each project is estimated individually, & comprises design fees, fabrication costs, installation costs, and transportation. We are happy to estimate for any project.


Designs for a small mosaic up to 2 metres diameter, without a site visit, could be as little as £500. For larger mosaics each stage of consultation & design costs £1000. As a general rule, design time is charged at £250 a day.


Our usual intricate style: £1500 per square metre

Repetitive designs without carving, ceramics or rare pebbles can be quicker
to make; we will quote you a price after discussing the design.

The Plain Pebblework & Simple Border Patterns are an affordable, off-the-shelf, choice from £700 - £800 per square metre.

Our usual practice is to work with labour provided by the client; the local building or landscape contractor. We supervise the laying of the slabs & then complete by grouting the joints ourselves.
The cost varies according to the size of the mosaic & the distance from the workshop, and we will quote for each commission at design stage.












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